Product Information



Thank you very much for choosing to buy from Isabel Wong. We have taken every care to make sure that our products remain as beautiful, luxurious and as much of a pleasure to wear in years to come as it is today. It is important to us that the quality and appearance of all our items of clothing and accessories exceed your expectation. Our business has been built on customer recommendation and repeat orders, and if we have fallen short in any way, then please let us know and we will do our best to rectify the problem.

We endeavour to source our supplies through all ethical avenues possible. All our products are carefully produced in-house in London by skilled and impeccable craftsmanship to offer you the highest quality products. All our bespoke pieces are made by Isabel Wong. Some of our products are outsourced and made by carefully selected production teams in the UK

We use a vast range of materials throughout our collections so the care of every product will differ for each individual item. All our products will arrive with the relevant care instructions so it is important that you check this thoroughly before washing or treatment of the product.  As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that all our pieces are dry cleaned or specialist cleaned to ensure the product's appearance and fabric quality remains at its best for years to come. If you are unsure about the care of washable items, it is recommended that you hand wash at a low temperature and do not wring as this can cause irreversible damage. 

To prevent any colour transfer, it is always recommended to separate light and dark coloured garments, and avoid contact with light or dark coloured accessories and upholstery. Colour transfer can occur in many circumstances where there is prolonged contact or rubbing together of materials. Colour may run during washing and when in contact with water.

We source our leathers from reputable suppliers in the UK and Italy that offer high quality and ethical products. Slight imperfections, texture and colour variations may occasionally appear in the leathers due to natural markings, scars and growth marks of the animal’s skin and tanning processes. This is entirely normal and is a typical feature of leather that enhances the beauty and identifies the uniqueness of the product. It does not affect the high quality of the leather.

Taking good care of leather will ensure it a prolonged lifetime. Leather does not require a regular cleaning. In the course of time some leathers will change in colour or develop a beautiful patina: this is fair wear and tear, which gives each product a unique and genuine style.

We highly recommend you use a leather cleaner on all leather products to ensure their longevity, quality and suppleness. Using a neutral waterproofing leather spray is advised before first time use to keep your goods dry, clean and stain free. If the leather is wet because of rain, please let it dry naturally. Nevertheless, you are highly advised to avoid prolonged contact with water, sun, heat and oily substances, at the risk of permanent and irreversible damages. Without any care, leather can be damaged prematurely (fading, stains). Also avoid contact with any raw textiles and materials which may transfer colour pigments and make the leather get dirty. Please take care with bright and light colours, which are more delicate. Take care with your clothing: don't wear dark or coloured clothes with light coloured leather and vice versa. Leather products should also be kept away from dust, which can have a bad effect on leather: we recommend to keep these items stored in a dust bag or protective cover, in a well-ventilated, clean and dry place. Dirt must be removed very quickly, so as not to remove the natural protection of leather which would cause permanent damage.

Do not wash, tumble dry or iron as this will cause the leather to shrink. Always use a specialist cleaning service when necessary.